THC/CBD Cannabinoid Extraction System

Cannabis Extraction

Sixth Wave is uniquely suited to develop a commercially viable and highly competitive process for CBD and THC purification based on its IXOS® bead MIPs technology. The Company is developing the Affinity™ Extraction Process, an extraction solution specifically designed to extract THC and/or CBD from cannabis/hemp crude for the production of pure THC and CBD compounds. The technology and process will provide a robust, cost effective method to provide high purity THC and CBD for the commercial market.

The availability of pure CBD and THC allows for controlled specialty cannabis extract formulations for different medicinal indications and recreational adult uses. Pure CBD isolate, in particular, is desirable as a means of obtaining the medicinal benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects of other cannabinoids. Studies have indicated that the majority of CBD products being marketed do not contain the amount of CBD indicated on the label and 20% contain some amount of THC.

Replacing Antiquated Technology


  • Inability to Scale to Mass Volumes
  • Expensive Equipment Outlay
  • Excessive Plant Footprint Allocation
  • Significant Product Loss
  • Skilled Staffing Requirements
  • Slow Turnaround (Batch Prep. & Lack of Automation)
  • Regular replacement of expensive media


  • Unlimited Scalability with Minimal Footprint, Flexibility & Ease of Expansion
  • Lower Capital Outlay (1/8 of the Cost)
  • Higher Content Recovery ( >99.7% Cannabinoid Retention)
  • Higher Yield (10-15%)
  • Highly Automated, Rapid & Efficient
  • No Skilled Staffing Requirements
  • Regular replacement of Affinity™ Beads not required

Affinity™ Advantage

The existing methods for Cannabinoid extraction from hemp and cannabis are only effective with small volumes of plant material and require significant CAPEX and OPEX costs.  Producers must work with multi-stage processes to separate individual cannabinoid compounds.

The benefit of the Affinity™ Extraction Process is that the system has a much higher throughput of material and works within a closed-loop environment.  This continuous, closed-loop system has negligible material loss which leads to higher recovery rates.  More than 15% of cannabinoids can be lost through the use of traditional extraction processes.

The Affinity™ Extraction Process works within ambient conditions with no harsh solvents, uses food grade equipment and does not require highly skilled labor to operate.

Affinity™ Beads capture specific molecules by passing mixture of plant crude and ethanol though a column. The Beads capture the targeted molecules instantly and are also instantly removed (eluted) from the beads with a second ethanol cycle.

The removal of pesticides, heavy metals and other contaminants are a major industry problem as new standards are being introduced for strict removal of these nuisance materials.  As the contaminants are never targeted by the Affinity™ Beads, they simply pass through the column.

Extraction Efficiences

Affinity™ streamlines the traditional processing of THC & CBD. It can eliminate several time consuming steps depending on the end product. These include Winterization, Fractional Distillation, Decarboxylation and Chromatography.

Key Advantages of using Affinity™ with Traditional Processing:

• Reduced sources of product loss
• Higher value output product = Higher Purity
• Reduced OPEX and space requirements
• Continuous Operation vs Batch Processing