Cannabinoid Extraction

Affinity Overview

Since commencing the development of the Affinity™ System, the Company has achieved a number of key milestones towards delivering an innovative purification solution to the cannabis market. The Affinity™ System uses the Company’s patent-pending Affinity™ Molecularly Imprinted Polymer (“MIP”) technology for the cannabis and hemp industry. The Company’s MIP technology uses formulations which are based on extensive research and development and various levels of bench-scale testing which has demonstrated a strong affinity for cannabinoids and a protocol by which they can be removed selectively and efficiently without modification of the cannabinoids or use of toxic chemicals. Current configurations of the Affinity™ Systems are capable of taking winterized and partially winterized crude cannabis oils and eliminating distillation and chromatography while still yielding high purity distillates and isolates. In addition, the Company is currently researching and developing additional formulations to completely eliminate the need for winterization using the Company’s Affinity™ System.

Key Advantages

Using Affinity™ with Traditional Processing

Reduced Sources of Product Loss

Higher Value Output Product= Higher Purity

Reduced OPEX and Space Requirements

Continuous Operation vs Batch Processing

Affinity™ Unit

For Cannabis Producers, the Affinity™ unit is designed to capture and extract Cannabinoids to ensure the purest end product. The system replaces antiquated processes including winterization, distillation and chromatography. The highly scalable Baseline unit is designed to produce approximately 20 kg of cannabinoid distillate or full spectrum distillate per day.

Each unit is capable of generating gross revenues to Sixth Wave of up to $100K/month.

Aristotle Kalivretenos, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

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